How to mount nfs on OS X High Sierra

Troubled with the poor performance of SMB, I decided to use NFS instead. However, OS X does have some major performance hits. When you use Finder with NFS 4, it is terrible. I switched back to V3 and disabled the locking system. Since I am the only one working on this particular installation, it should […]

WordPress blank screen in PHP 7 with CloudLinux PHP selector

I was testing with WordPress on a Cpanel server with PHP 7 provided by the CloudLinux PHP selector. Unfortunately, I ran in a blank screen of death while installing WordPress (blank screen wp-admin/setup-config.php?step=2). Fortunately, solving this problem is easy. Log in to Cpanel. Select PHP Version. Select the module mysqli. Click save. This resolves the problem. […]

How to install R1soft on CentOS 7

Unfortunately, R1soft does not support CentOS 7 out-of-the-box. Although they have a solution for this, their installer does not use this yet. Use the following code to install R1soft with support for CentOS 7 on your machine.

Homestead won’t update – Vagrant: An error occurred while downloading the remote file

Sometimes I have problems with updating Homestead because the download is interrupted and you get the error “An error occurred while downloading the remote file”. This is the full error I have: homestead update ==> default: Checking for updates to ‘laravel/homestead’ default: Latest installed version: 0.4.0 default: Version constraints: default: Provider: virtualbox ==> default: Updating […]